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Slow-Moving Vehicles

Certain slow-moving farm vehicles, construction equipment and animal-drawn vehicles may share our roadways. Use caution and prepare to slow down when approaching and passing slow-moving vehicles from the rear.  An orange slow-moving vehicle emblem must be on the rear of certain slow-moving vehicles.


American Driving Society. The ADS is a national organization that emphasizes the horse and driver skills and sport of carriage driving, while the Carriage Association of America  is devoted to the preservation and restoration of horse-drawn carriages and sleighs.

Dairyland Driving Club  is a regional driving club in Wisconsin

Indiana Whips and Wheels and Carriage and Sleigh Association of Northwest Indiana are regional driving clubs located in Indiana.

Best of Iowa in Traces Society (BITS)  is a regional driving club in Iowa.


Here are a few vendors of driving equipment.  There are many more, but theses will carry most everything you will need to drive your horse.

Big Black Horse.  We offer a wide selection of tack for the driving horse enthusiast from mini to draft.  We also carry unique items for the horse lover including jewelry, clothing and home decor.   Our custom embroidery line features our four legged friends (cats, dogs, horses, and many other animals) in country settings.  We strive to have high quality and unique items.

Carriage Driving Essentials. From miniature horses, ponies, light horses, drafts, we can outfit you! We carry a full line of carriage driving equipment including harness, driving bits, training carts and carriages, safety equipment, books and DVDs on driving, brown driving gloves, men’s driving hats, driving whips, spares kits, driving aprons, carriage lamps & picnic baskets. We carry quality leather and synthetic, traditionally styled driving harness including brands such as ZILCO harness, Smuckers Harness, Hunt’s show harness and our own Americana harness. We feature custom made Myler driving bits, Glory bits, Abbey bits and more in a large variety of sizes & styles. We offer a selection of used, new and antique horse-drawn carts and carriages for miniature horses through draft horses that include training carts, marathon carriages, gigs, road carts, wagonettes and even commercial carriages. Pleasure driving carriages of all types for singles, pair, four-in-hand & tandem. Personalized, knowledgeable & friendly service is our specialty. Come in and browse through our on-line catalog, you’ll find more than just products for sale. Join our mailing list for interesting and helpful tips along with being the first to know about new products & special offers!

Driving Essentials

IVC Carriage caters to a wide variety of driving venues for the light equine. Shoppers will find products for:

  • pleasure showing,
  • combined driving events,
  • commercial carriage operators,
  • recreational driving,
  • wagon training, and
  • backyard excursions.

We provide products for miniatures, ponies, light horses, donkeys and mules.


Carriage Driving in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa