Drive On

Award program for non-competitive drivers

The Drive On! program is open to all Hub Club members, whether you show or not! If you drive your equine for pleasure, you can accrue driving hours to reach goals. Submissions are due by December 1.

You must be a member of the Hub Club, and you must pay a one-time individual lifetime recording fee of $20. This one-time fee is per member (not per equine). If multiple members in a Family Membership participate in the Drive On! program, the fee applies to each participating member.

The recording fee and the hours accrued are per member – not equine! As long as you own or lease the horse you drive, you can record your driving hours!

Keep track of your hours on the ADS Hours to Drive log sheet, and submit them to the recording secretary by December 1st of each calendar year AND to the American Driving Society’s Hours to Drive program.

What Hours Count?

Hours spent driving your equine (equine must be owned or leased by enrolled member) in a recreational setting can be counted towards Drive On! goals. This includes time spent on trail drives, in the arena practicing, taking a lesson, or out on the road!
Time spent grooming, warming up on showgrounds before a show, showing, or on competitive drives does NOT count towards your recreational driving hour goals.


Awards and special certificates are issued as you accrue recreational driving hours.

Reach goals of 50, 75, 150, 300, 500, 750, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 7500 hours to receive awards.

Hours accrue throughout a calendar year, and roll over for the member’s lifetime!


Horses must be owned or leased by the participating Hub Club Member. Drivers must be members of the Hub Club for each year hours are logged. A one-time $20 enrollment fee is required for all participating members.

The equine’s name(s) must be included on the log sheet. Hours accrued roll over for the lifetime of the driver. There is no limit on how long it takes to meet the driving hour goals. More than one equine may be driven for overall hours, so long as those equines are owned or leased by a participating member.

Awards are based on hours logged, and are presented annually at the January Meeting.

Download Flyer & Log form here:

Hub Club Drive On! Program Flyer


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