High Point

The HUB Club High Point Program
 This program is for the members of the HUB Club.  All classes in the pleasure rules of the ADS/USEF/CAA are included in addition to driving classes at 4-H and Open Shows. If you compete in driving, you can earn points towards the year end Hub Club High point!  Simply start out the year by nominating yourself and your horse, including the annual $10 fee, then sumbit the  High Point Report Form shown after each show you compete in to accrue points. Deadline is December 1st. There are two Categories, each with several Divisions.The Categories are:Pleasure:

A. Single HorseB. Single Pony

C. Multiple Horse
D. Multiple Pony
E. Junior ExhibitorF.  Amateur Exhibitor

Combined Driving:

G.        Training level and below

G1.      Single Horse

G2  Single Pony

G3      Multiple Horse
G4      Multiple Pony
H        Preliminary
I         Intermediate
J       Advanced         (H, I, & J  will be divided as warranted)

Entry Fees:  $10/Equine(s) or Exhibitor per division.

Complete rules and entry forms are available below.  Questions may also be directed to Kris Breyer at briarpatcheast@aol.com

Please email High Point forms to Kris Breyer.

Placings in each class and the number of equines in the class are needed for each entry, for each class, as well as a copy of the show bill/prize list.

Download forms and info:




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