Club Library

The Hub Club library is maintained by and physically located with Leslye Sandberg. Members can borrow books and videos from the library by attending a club event when the library is brought to the event, or by contacting Leslye and requesting items to be sent by U.S. mail. The item can be returned in the return addressed envelope at the borrower’s expense.  A list of the items in the library is located on the Dropbox website:

Other resource files available for download through Dropbox include stall cards, club membership directory, packing checklists, and much more.

To request an item from the library, contact Leslye Sandberg at Please include your mailing address.

Donations and suggestions for additions to the library are welcome!

Leslye Sandberg, Asst. Librarian
Leslye Sandberg, Asst. Librarian

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